As a complement to the classic Montessori curriculum taught in each program, the MAC offers the following specials:

Foreign Language: Spanish

As a school we have made the decision to teach Spanish as the foreign language, with the goal of giving the students a chance of mastery of the language as opposed to exposure to different foreign languages. Spanish is taught at all the levels, starting in Children’s House, and all the teachers are native speakers with Montessori credentials, making this area of the curriculum as natural and developmentally appropriate as all the other subjects.  The teachers are part of the classroom environment, making it easy to include elements of language immersion into the daily classroom experience.


Physical Education

Students from Kindergarten through Adolescents have physical education class once a week. We use a field directly across the street from the school for a variety of sports activities. We also use the swimming pool across the street for swimming instruction during the fall and spring seasons.

As part of the PE curriculum the students also have  yoga class once a week. This class not only offers the students a great opportunity to refine muscle and body tone but also teaches the children techniques to help them focus and concentrate.

The town of Celebration offers a variety of organized sports teams for families who wish to pursue that option outside of school.

Music – Taiko (Japanese) Drumming

In addition to the regular music education done in the classrooms, Lower and Upper Elementary students learn Japanese Drumming from professional Taiko performers in the area. Lessons are held once a week and the students have several opportunities during the year to perform as a group and as part of larger groups of drummers.

Art Instruction

In addition to art history and art activities done in the classrooms, the Elementary and Adolescent students have direct art instruction once a week provided by an art specialist. The artwork of all the students is showcased in the MAC’s annual art show, held towards the end of the school year.